Get back the time you spend on sending litter updates and other repetitive emails

— And have more time for your puppies!

You’ve got a great breeding program. Now you’re looking for more professionalism and automation.

  • Each time you have a litter you want to send litter update emails and make sure they go out on time.

  • You also want to educate your puppy parents, send supply lists, and keep in touch with them—and keep them happily updated along the way.

  • You want to inform and educate your puppy families —without having to do the same tasks over and over again, or worse, forget to send information

What if you could have your common email tasks done for you AND have most of the email copy written for you

— and spend more time focusing more on your puppies instead?

  • Get back the time you spend on all these repetitive emails and never be late with sending them again.

  • Stay organized and on schedule so your puppy families aren't calling and texting you asking about things you should have already sent.

Here's the deal with placing puppies in 2021

  • Families want don’t want to just pick up a puppy from a BYB, pet store, or mill. They want a personalized puppy experience with an amazing breeder. (Just like you!)

  • Families don’t want to invest a lot in a puppy and not have the experience of watching their puppy grow and the excitement of getting ready for their puppy.

  • Families want a full puppy “experience”—which includes frequent and professional communication from their breeder. (These done for you emails take care of that for you!)

Professional Done-for-You Automated Emails (Without the writer's block!)

Your emails are pre-written—you simply need to customize them with your kennel and litter specifics. Plus your automations can also be customized to your schedule and timing.

(NOTE: This product requires a monthly subscription to Convert Kit for $29.99 to run)

When you use the Done-for-You email system you’ll have your litter communication done and dusted.

  • Reduce the time you spend communicating while actually increasing your communication!

  • Start enjoying your puppies and your puppy families more by eliminating boring and repetitive email tasks.

Here's Everything That's Included:

Stop worrying about not communicating enough with your puppy families by automating it!

  • A fully customizable automated email sequence

    The package includes emails that notify your families of a birth, updates every 2-3 weeks (you can add more updates), a go-home information email, a request for a positive review, and several customer satisfaction follow-up emails.

  • Automate Important Paperwork

    Automate important paperwork details like your invoice, contract, and supply list based on timing that works for YOUR process.

  • Educate your puppy families

    Add your fully customized information such as spay/neuter recommendations or requirements, flea/tick and other medication breed sensitivities, socialization instructions, and more!

Plus some extras to take it to the next level...

And increase your professional reputation in the process!

  • Welcome emails

    Welcome your new puppy families and invite them to follow you on social media.

  • Stay in touch

    Prewritten quarterly newsletters to stay in touch with your puppy families.

  • Easy copy n' paste requests

    Prewritten, automated requests for positive reviews to help enhance your online reputation and branding.

Is the fear of tech holding you back?

If you are uncomfortable or unskilled with techie things, this might not be the right product for you to set up yourself. But that doesn't mean you can't use it! Simply contact us at PRIOR to purchasing so we can give you a price on having one of our assistants do most of the tech work for you.

  • Probably not, unless you have a helper

    Born before 1910 • Finds email and Facebook challenging at times • Has challenges buying things online or using some complex sites

  • Maybe

    Can easily buy or do business online and not get stuck in checkout carts or have other issues • Can mostly manage Facebook business pages and groups or has done a Facebook post boost • Tried to set up your own website but it didn’t quite work the way you wanted or it took a whole lot of time

  • Most likely

    Can follow technical instructions comfortably • Can manage Facebook business pages and groups in your sleep • Can comfortably set up your own basic website and/or can use some mildly “techie” apps like Streamyard, Hootsuite • Can manage Google Ads, Facebook Ads (not just boosts), Google My Business, and/or Google Analytics on your own

  • Oh, Yeah

    Can easily set up your own website and use some bells and whistles, can use an email responder, and/or add integrations to an app or use a Zap • Has created a bot or used an automation in an app • Can work a little in HTML or other markup language or knows a little programming • Is Bill Gates

Special Product Notes

  1. This product requires a subscription to ConvertKit, and email autoresponding app. The subscription has a free 14-day trial period, but after that is $29.99/month for use. You can use your ConvertKit subscription for many other email needs for your breeding program.

  2. You can copy the emails into another email app instead of the ConvertKit subscription. However, you will lose the automations if you do that.

  3. Any bulk email system like this has best results when used with an email address attached to your domain name. You can use it with a gmail, hotmail, or similar account but your emails may be sent to spam folders by those systems.

  4. Purchase of this product requires a license agreement. You may not share or sell this product to others.

  5. Due to the fact that you get all of the components of the automation on purchase, there are no refunds given for this product as there's no way to return or recall it. 

Get back the time you spend on sending litter updates and other repetitive emails

And have more time for your puppies!

(NOTE: This product requires a monthly subscription to Convert Kit for $29.99 to run)