Go from Myth to Mastery for Feeding Your Breeding Dogs

Want to understand the REAL science behind breeding nutrition, phytoestrogens/peas/flax and fertility, and more without having to spend weeks digging through all the science papers and textbooks yourself?

This 1 hour and 20 minute recorded workshop will take you through the basics and more of feeding breeding dogs, including the truth about flax, peas, legumes and phytoestrogens and infertility.

I finally realized feeding a quality dog food was a good place for me to start, but that didn’t tell me about which ingredients are good or bad, supplements, or things like protein and carbs…

  • Even with my extensive science background, I fell into the swamp of trying to listen to everyone’s opinion about what they heard someplace else on the internet about food and ingredients.

  • It was exhausting and all I ended up with is a list of “don’ts” so long there was absolutely no food that met my unrealistic requirements…

  • Even when I found a food that came close to meeting my long list of “requirements,” I realized my list of dos and don’ts was based on myth and hearsay and I had absolutely no idea if any of it was based in science or fact…

  • Since I didn’t understand the actual science (or lack of it!) behind my mythological do and don’t list, I had zero assurance I was providing the best nutrition to my dams, studs, and puppies.

  • So I sat down for a couple of weeks and poured through science papers and textbooks and also consulted several PhDs and veterinarians and was blown away by what I learned.

What You'll Learn

Now I want to teach you everything I learned… because I know you care about your dogs and puppies and as much as I do…

  • Get rid of the nutrition myths that hold you back! Learn the TRUTH about flax, peas, and phytonutrients for breeding dogs and general canine health—(spoiler alert: it’s not even close to what you think!)—so you can feed for optimum fertility

  • Feed the right amount of carbs, protein, and fat for the specific needs of each dog

  • Never over or under feed again by learning how to determine how much to feed breeding dogs and puppies

  • Avoid nutritional gaps—or the dangers of oversupplementing—by learning which supplements are helpful and which can be dangerous

  • Provide your dams and studs with the proper nutrition by understanding their individual nutritional needs

Course curriculum

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    • Welcome to Just the Flax, Peas: Nutrition for Breeders!

    • Important legal notice—you are responsible for reading this

  • 2

    Workshop recording

    • Workshop recording (1 hr 20 min)

  • Principles are suitable for raw feeders (although balancing a raw diet is not discussed)

  • This workshop does not discuss or endorse any specific dog food brands, but will teach you to make up your own mind from an educated and informed perspective.