The Live Workshop Will Be Wednesday, April 5, 2023

At 3pm pacific / 4pm mountain / 5pm central / 6pm eastern

The workshop will be made available as a recorded course here after the live session

The Workshop Includes

Everything you need to know to be successful with Guardian Homes plus the paperwork and done-for-you systems you'll need to get started

  • All About Guardian Homes

  • Understanding Breeder and Owner Responsibilities

  • Are You Suited for a Guardian Program?

  • Finding Good Guardian Homes Including My Screening Secret for Finding the Best Homes

  • Guardian Home Agreements, Including How to Discuss the Agreement with Prospective Families

  • Guardian Dog Care

  • Overcoming Guardian Home Objections/Pressure to Litters

  • Handling Husbandry Issues and Setting Boundarieswith Guardian Families

  • Managing Communication and Using Our Done-for-You Communication System

  • When You Have to Get Legal

Lots of Bonuses!

We include LOTS of practical bonuses so you can hit the ground running

  • Done-for-You Interview and Discussion Templates

  • Guardian Ad Template for Social Media

  • Done-for-You Automated Follow-Up Communication System

  • Guardian Care Guides for Both Female and Male Guardian Dogs

    The Female Care Guide Includes identifying and managing heat cycles, care during pregnancy, what to expect, and more.

    The Male Care Guide covers how to manage intact males.

  • Done-for-You Guardian Home Informational Handout for Families

    A good Guardian Program sets expectations without scaring the family off. This handout is the basis for our successful recruiting of top Guardian Homes.

  • Sample Guardian Application

    Includes some of the more important questions you need to ask Guardian Homes for optimal screening

Discover your program's potential, starting today