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  • BREEDING GENETICS—Everything you need to know about breeding genetics! Understand how traits are inherited, what traits can be inherited, coefficients of inbreeding (COI) and diversity. Bonus sections on performing and interpreting health clearances

  • SETTING PUPPIES UP FOR SUCCESS—Don't leave the future of your puppies to luck! Key strategies for placing puppies, including screening, paperwork, and educating families for smooth transitions and successful lifetimes. Bonus section for breeders who want to add income to their program by leveraging commissioned products.

  • FREE COURSE / CREATING A BREEDING PLAN—Responsible and experienced breeders don't operate from breeding to breeding, they have a well-thought-out, long-term plan! How to plan breedings and how to create your own breeding goals

  • FREE COURSE / FINDING PARTNERSHIP WITH YOUR VET—We can do a lot, but we can't do it all on our own. A good Reproductive Vet can make or break your program! Finding a good Reproductive Vet (Theriogenologist), understanding the role of a Theriogenologist in your program, what you need a Theriogenologist for (and what you can use a General Practice vet for) and how to work effectively with your Vet

  • THE BUSINESS OF ETHICAL BREEDING—You won't have a program for long if you don't have sound business practices. This course will include legal structure of your business, licensing and permitting (including when you need a USDA license and when you don't), financial record keeping and working with a CPA, contracts and working with an attorney, insurance, financial planning, managing cash flow in an unpredictable industry, and more. This course also discusses how ethical breeding and financial success are not mutually exclusive and why it's actually critical to the future of ethical and responsible breeding not to buy into the guilt narrative.

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